COVID Vaccination – Important Information

Patients who are most at risk from the complications of Covid-19 are being offered the vaccination first. The vaccinations are being offered nationally to patients in a strict order as below:

  • Those aged 80 and over
  • Those aged over 75 years
  • Those aged over 70 years
  • Adults on the NHS shielding patient list
  • Those aged over 65 years
  • Adults under 65 years with long term conditions
  • Those aged 50-64 will be offered at a later stage.

A full list of the clinical conditions and further information can be found at

The Practice does not have access to the National Booking appointment system and patients are asked to contact 119 or book an appointment online when they are advised to do so.

The Practice does not have any influence on the order in which vaccinations are offered to patients and nor can we recommend that a patient receives a vaccination before they would otherwise be entitled to one