Urgent Message To Patients Regarding Blood Tests

Dear Patients,

Your Blood Tests

GPs have been instructed by NHS England to “cease routine blood testing”.

The NHS experiences a shortage of consumables for collection of blood samples.

There are several reasons, a spokesperson of the company supplying the items stated, “increased global demand” and “ongoing logistical challenges” including “UK border challenges”.

Blood tests should only be done following a new Consultation with a health care professional and if a result will “substantially influence” the management of a patient.

We have been informed that we will have a reduced supply of consumables “in line with stock”.

As a practice we will continue to take blood samples from patients if this is medically necessary but there is a possibility that some requests for testing will have to be declined or delayed and we are asking you for your understanding. This is a problem that is completely out of our hands and we have no means to fix it. We will of course revert to business as usual as soon as the shortage has passed.

Logistical challenges and border issues are going to feature in the NHS for some time to come and you might want to raise this issue with your local MP.

Greensands Medical Practice